Atomic Data


Atomic Data is a specification for sharing, modifying and modeling graph data.

View it on If you’re looking for implementations of Atomic Data, check out atomic-server (server + cli + lib written in Rust) and atomic-data-browser (react / typescript).

About this repo

This repository holds the markdown book for the Atomic Data standard. It serves two purposes:

Running locally

You can run it locally using mdBook

# This requires at least Rust 1.39 and Cargo to be installed. Once you have installed Rust, type the following in the terminal:
cargo install mdbook
# Install mdbook-linkcheck to prevent broken links in your markdown.
cargo install mdbook-linkcheck
# Serve at localhost:3000, updates when files change.
mdbook serve

Publishing is done with Github actions - simply push the master branch.


Add an issue or open a PR! All thoughts are welcome. Also, check out the Discord.