@tomic/react: The Atomic Data library for React

A library for viewing and creating Atomic Data. Re-exports @tomic/lib.

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When initializing your App, initialize the store, which will contain all data. Wrap your App in a StoreContext.Provider, and pass the newly initialized store to it.

// App.tsx
import { StoreContext, Store } from "@tomic/react";
import { MyResource } from "./MyResource";

// The store contains all the data for
const store = new Store();

export default function App() {
  return (
    <StoreContext.Provider value={store}>
      <MyResource subject={subject} />

Now, your Store can be accessed in React’s context, which you can use the atomic-react hooks!


useResource, useString, useTitle

// Get the Resouce, and all its properties
const resource = useResource('');
// The title takes either the Title, the Shortname or the URL of the resource
const title = useTitle(resource);
// All useValue / useString / useArray / useBoolean hooks have a getter and a setter.
// Use the setter in forms.
const [description, setDescription] = useString(resource, '');
// The current Agent is the signed in user, inluding their private key. This enables you to create Commits and update data on a server.
const [agent, setAgent] = useCurrentAgent();

return (
    <textarea value={description} onChange={e => setDescription(} />
    <button type={button} onClick={}>Save & commit</button>